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Kohima Smart City Development Ltd. was registered under the Companies Act 2013 on . Vide Government of Nagaland notification No. MA-8/2015 (Pt-II) Dated Kohima, 30/05/2016 the first Board of Directors was constituted and the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the smart city mission implementation was initiated.

The State Municipal Affairs Department is the Nodal Department at the State Level to facilitate Smart City Mission and the Kohima Smart City Development Ltd (KSCDL) is the agency to plan, implement, manage and operate the Smart City Development Projects in Kohima city.

The scheme shall be implemented in accordance with the mission guidelines and the implementation jurisdiction will be within the area under Kohima Municipal Council (KMC).

Our Objectives

  • To promote Kohima as community resource livable city that would provide better quality of life to its citizens while preserving its rich cultural assets and clean, sustainable environment.
  • To enter into contracts, partnerships and service delivery arrangements with Indian as well as foreign firms, as may be required for the implementation of the Smart Cities Mission.
  • To undertake comprehensive development by promoting planned development, adequate shelter, the creation of safe walkable, preserving and developing open spaces, promoting a variety of transport options including public transport, making governance, citizen friendly and cost effective, giving identity to the city and applying smart solutions to infrastructure and services for an efficient system.
  • To undertake the review of activities of the Mission including budget, implementation of projects under Smart City Proposal (SCP) and co-ordination with other missions/schemes and activities of various Ministries / Departments.


  • Approve and sanction the projects involving the smart city including their technical appraisals.
  • Approve and sanction the projects involving the smart city including their technical appraisals.
  • Execute the proposal for the Smart City without any intrusion on complete freedom of operation.
  • Mobilize resources within timelines and take measures necessary for mobilization of resources.
  • Approve and act upon the reports of a third party Review and Monitoring Agency.
  • Look into the progress of capacity building activities taking place.
  • Develop and benefit from interlinkages of academic institutions and organizations.
  • Ensure timely completion of projects according to set timelines to make sure the implementation of project start as per the date.
  • Determination of user charges applicable and collecting the same as authorized by the ULB.
  • Undertaking collection of taxes, surcharges and other payables as applicable and authorized by the ULB.
  • Take measures to comply with the requirements of the MoUD /other Ministries/Departments of the Government of India Central/State Government Rules and regulations, local laws etc. for implementation.
  • Undertake review of Mission budget, implementation of projects, preparation of Smart City Proposal (SCP) and ensuring co-ordination with other parallel missions/schemes.
  • Incorporation of joint ventures and subsidiaries and enter into Public Private Partnerships including with foreign entities as may be required for the implementation of the Smart Cities Mission.
  • Forming Joint ventures, subsidiaries and incorporating PPP with foreign entities, as and when required for Smart city Mission implementation.
  • Undertaking any and all functions as delegated by the Central and state government as well as the ULBs that fall within the scope of Smart City Mission.
  • Monitor and review quality control related matters and act upon issues arising thereof.

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